Functional Restoration Program Evaluation

 The process begins with a referral of an injured worker from their treating physician or insurance company followed by a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation by our team. Each potential candidate will see one of our pain physicians, a physical therapist and a board certified pain psychologist in order to determine if the program is a good fit for the person.

The evaluation also allows the candidate to familiarize themselves with the team and ask questions so they have a role in the determination process. 

If the person is a good fit for the program, then our team meets with the client individually and reviews available medical records from previous treatments. The team then produces a multidisciplinary evaluation report requesting authorization from the insurance carrier explaining our assessment and the rationale and goals for participation in the program.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation helps determines a person’s readiness or capability to return to work. FCE’s tests the physical demands of a job and how or if the client can meet those job demands. Reasons for an FCE include:

  • Evaluating return to work
  • Evaluating baseline physical capabilities of client
  • Determining current physical level and next level of treatment
  • Exact data to be used by MD or other qualified medical professional

Are you a SPARC Med candidate?

The typical candidate for the SPARC approach is someone who has undergone extensive medical and/or surgical treatment with only temporary or minimal improvement.

Specific factors that make functional restoration an appropriate option include:

  • Significant deconditioning from diminished activity due to pain, fatigue or illness
  • Psychosocial factors such as depression or stress that exacerbate the pain
  • Sleep disturbance related to pain
  • Over-reliance on medication for pain control
  • Family disruption due to pain and functional limitations